We provide a wide range of services:

Including digitising of design and 3D printing of final product.

What is 3D Printing?

A 3D Printer is used to print material (typically plastic) in layers to build up a 3D object, obtaining the specifications for the X, Y and Z axis from a 3D digitised model.

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How can we help you?

From helping with the initial design and digitising the layout to printing the final 3D product. 

Here are some of the common steps involved in creating a typical 3D design:

Design Layout Image


The design process can start with a rough idea, perhaps sketched out in draft form on paper to get an idea of what is to be modelled.

Pencil and Paper Design Image


This can then lead to more detailed specifications being made, including adding dimensions to the modelled object.

XYZ Axis representation with cube image

Digital 3D

The specifications are then put into 3D design software to make a representation of the object utilising the X, Y and Z axis.

Screen with 3D


The design can be edited many times using the 3D design software to try different schematics and layouts.

Various attributes of the printed material (typically PLA) can be used e.g. different colours and textures etc. allowing a truly customised look.

3D Printed Supports (wiki source)

3D Supports

Supports are sometimes added to the object to support it whilst it is being made within the 3D printer.

These are then removed after the object has been created.

Image Source: Wiki

3D Printer image


Finally the object (product) is printed, and detached from the printer mat:

3D Cube


"In addition to helping me source and create some fantastic sublimated corporate gift ideas including mugs, shirts and coasters, I’ve also been working with Nigel and the team at Illustrated Solutions to come up with some attractive and innovative 3D printed designs for keyrings and other bespoke products.

A quick turnaround time coupled with “out of the ordinary” and highly creative ideas could prove vital in helping me deliver something different to help our team at The Business Village celebrate the opening of our new Building #4 later in 2020.

Nothing has been too much for the Illustrated Solutions team, and I’m looking forward to working with them on future projects."