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Creating & designing:

3D products

How can we help you?

Let us see if we can help produce a 3D printed solution to your problem. 

For example, it might be to replace a part that has gone out of production or to create something new, using 3D printing techniques.

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We can produce small 3D objects, for example: prototypes.

These are quick to produce and cost effective, helping assess the viability of different designs.

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3D products sell.

According to "Fortune Business Insights "The Global 3D Printing market size stood at USD 8.58 billion in 2018, and is projected to reach USD 51.77 billion by 2026."

We can make small 3D products for you!

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Help & Support

We can work with you to help design and print your 3D product.

This includes transferring your ideas (and measurements) into 3D software to model the product and then ultimately print it.

These can then be scaled up to much bigger sized designs in the future.


Here are just some of the products that we have produced in 3D:

3D Chess Set (part)
3D Key Rings for BBIC
3D Printed Cogs
3D Wedding Jigsaw Piece

Our Customers:

One of our most recent customers required us to re-create a window lock in 3D (plastic) to replace legacy locks which had been difficult to resource on line.

As these locks had seemingly gone out of production, the business had been using other materials (mainly metal) to replicate the lock at a higher cost. This also added time (and money) in fitting the lock. 

We were able to take the schematics of the broken (and incomplete lock) to recreate it digitally in 3D and then print it.

We were also able to improve the strength of the existing design to prevent specific problem areas of the lock cracking, through routine use in the future.

Customer Feedback:

"Saw a problem and came up with a solution!"

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“Illustrated Solutions saw a problem and fixed it! For several years we have had to adapt our windows as and when the factory fitted window catches broke, as we could no longer get replacement components.

I gave them a broken lock, with parts missing, along with details of the exact application and they were able to engineer a 3D printed solution which was better than the original!

At all times through the process there was true collaboration with a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude and a desire to get the best solution to our needs, an excellent service from start to finish.”

Peter J. Hall

Premises Maintenance

The Business Village BBIC